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"GREAT"   When I first came to see Dr. Barry I was a very active healthy person but had the “normal everyday headache”, she quickly let me know that there was no such thing as a “normal everyday headache” and there was a reason why I was getting them.  And I have also had knee surgery and that would sometimes ache when I was running or playing sports.  I went through an exam and X-Rays on the first visit, and then came back and she gave me a full report of my spine and what I needed to do in order to get rid of my “normal headache” and knee pain.  I learned that I had a lot going on and needed to start taken care of myself  I went through a care plan with Dr. Barry I got great results.  I am now on a monthly maintenance plan with her, and that has been one of the greatest things I have done.

I thought before I got an adjustment I was a very active healthy person, but sometimes after work my head would hurt so badly I would just go home and go to bed.  But now that I don’t have that headache my life has improved so much.  I am able to work my 10 hour day and feel good and then after work I can do so much more.  I am currently training to run a half marathon at the end of summer and before starting chiropractic I would have never been able to get through the training. Now I feel great and am more active than I have ever been and in the best shape of my life.

I want to thank Dr. Barry for all that she has done for me.  Her office has a very inviting atmosphere and you can’t help but just feel good when you are there.

 "GOT MY LIFE BACK"    Several weeks ago my right leg hurt from the hip area and all the way down to my ankle.  The worst pain was in my butt. I could not stand, I could not sit comfortable and I was not getting enough sleep.  I went to the computer to get some information on the pain in my butt.   I learned the probable cause was a pinched nerve in my back.

I also had a constant headache. This headache was not severe; just there all the time.

I called Back Country Family Chiropractic and started treatments the next week.  I was scheduled for two treatments per week.  I was worried the treatments would be painful.  There was some discomfort, but not the pain I expected.  Now that I am healing the discomfort is very minimal.

After the third session with Dr. Barry my headache was gone.  I had taken over the counter pain relief pills that did not seem to resolve my achy head.  I had no idea that the area in my neck was causing my headache. 

After three weeks of back treatments I am doing much better.  My life is getting back to normal.  A few weeks ago doing everyday household chores was difficult now I am able to manage the everyday housework tasks. 

I have always enjoyed walking.  I have a small dog that I walked with for about an hour every day.  I could not do that three weeks ago.  Now we walk for 15 minutes every day, not an hour yet, but we will get there soon.

Dr. Barry gave me instructions to use an ice pack on my back 15 minutes several times a day. She also talked with me about ways to help improve the daily activities.

Thank you Dr. Barry for everything!!!

"KEEPS ME FEELING GREAT"  As soon as I walked in and was greeted by the spit-fire at the front desk, I knew that this was a special place. Decorated in a Montana Chic style, with mood walls that allow you to mind-journey to your happy place, Back Country Family Chiropractic is a Billings destination. Dr. Barry, the Wisconsin dynamo with supernatural strength, treats each of her patients with respect and dignity. Don't be fooled by her small stature and impish smile, though...this woman is SERIOUS about her work and will make your body bend to her will. She also gives her patients follow-up exercises to stay in alignment, as she truly cares about your health. You will leave the clinic feeling 100% better, guaranteed. Overall, I have nothing but great things to say about this establishment. Great people, great service, all at a reasonable price. Do yourself a favor and make an appointment today!       

"COUDN'T ASK FOR MORE"  My “journey” at Back Country Family Chiropractic started about a year ago.  I had been having severe headaches, neck and shoulder pain.  At the same time I was dealing with pain from a bone spur on my heal, which caused me to limp.  Of course the limping made my back hurt.  I was a MESS!!!

After starting my treatments with you, I received almost immediate relief from my headaches.  You were even able to give me relief from some of my foot pain, through ultra sound treatments.  While I was waiting for surgery on my foot and through my post-surgery recovery, you were able to keep my back pain to a minimum.  Even working around my cast and crutches!!!

Thanks to the compassion and care I received from you and your staff.  I now feel like a new person, I sleep all night and actually feel rested in the morning.  Headaches and pain are rare.  I’m able to go for daily walks, pain free, and have started exercising again. 

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