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We are in- network with all major insurance companies.

Please contact your provider to see if your plan covers chiropractic care. 


All treatment plans are carefully tailored for each patient.  

The key to recovery is finding out what works.

The doctor/patient relationship is a two-way street.  Education and understanding your condition with how it affects you is a major step in the recovery process.  For optimal chiropractic care in Billings, MT, visit Dr. Ray Hittmeier today for your pain management needs.

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Dr. Hittmeier was born and raised in Billings, MT and graduated from Billings Senior High in 2008. His passion for helping those suffering from chronic pain came from his own experience of a severe back injury in 2004.

He attended chiropractic school at Northwestern Health Sciences University in Minneapolis, MN and returned to Billings in 2016 to serve his hometown community.

He enjoys the Montana outdoors and athletics and is proud to provide Billings with outstanding care for all musculoskeletal conditions.

He uses a combination of chiropractic, physical therapy, functional exercises, and massage techniques to give the best experience to his patients so they can regain freedom of movement. 


Dry needling is a therapeutic approach to help manage pain that you can add on to your chiropractic treatments.

An acupuncture like needle is inserted into trigger points of muscle tissue therefore causing the muscle to relax, increase blood circulation to the area, diminish inflammation, and triggers a healing response.

It also improves nerve communication and activates the body’s natural pain relievers.

Patients have noticed an increased recovery time with chronic injuries and pain and increased range of motion with multiple treatments.

Consult with Dr. Hittmeier if dry needling would benefit you and receive your first 3 sessions at a discounted price. 


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